Caroline Obermiller, LMHC, RPT


Hello, my name is Caroline Obermiller and I am the owner of Cariad Counseling.  After working for over a decade as both an advocate for children and their families, I returned to school to become a therapist. I graduated in 2013 from Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis with my Masters in Counseling.


In 2017, I achieved the long-held goal of becoming a Registered Play Therapist. 

I believe in the potential of each child and through play we can learn so much about a child’s inner thoughts and processes. Play is the language of children and as the safe and loving adults in their world, it is important that we communicate in a way that develops a strong, secure relationship. 

In my approach to counseling your child, there is a strong focus on the family and parental involvement. Change is hard, so as a therapist, my goal is one of support and encouragement as your family navigates this journey. Through connection we establish healthy relationships. Through healthy relationships, children learn security. 

In my spare time, I love to travel and have a full bucket list of places to see and explore. My favorite place is the ocean, regardless of the weather. I enjoy kayaking and spending time curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book.